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Want more out of your paper menu?

Monitor remotely your own restaurant menus with the touch of your finger. It's designed to offer delicious visuals and suggestions for customers to order more food. Restaurant menus will be available on mulitiple tablets.

Offer enticing video & delicious pictures

The Giatouch Tablet makes your menu more visually appealing to customers. When your menu is seen through pictures and video it becomes more enticing to eat.

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Offer suggestions and increase orders

With the food & beverage pairings features your Giatouch Tablet increases opportunities for customers to order more food. Offer customers a good pairing of appetizers or drinks and they might add more to their orders.

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Connect with the customers inside your restaurant

While your cusotmer is in your establishment, you may earn repeat business by offering promotions. Use the Giatouch promotions tools to earn customers contact information in return for benefits.


Compatible on multiple tablets

When we built the Giatouch Tablet our engineers wanted to make it compatible on most tablets for two main reasons. One, we didn't think you should have to pay more for a device you didn't choose. Second, you're free to get the best tablet for the best price.

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